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Pet foods for birds & small animals

Animals living out in the wild can fend for themselves but animals that are kept as pets in home cannot.

That is why it is important to provide the pets with a balanced food that closely resembles their natural diet. The variety in feeding is one of the core elements for the good health of the pets. Deficiency syndromes and the premature aging are the results of the unvaried feeding.

The ready made pet foods contain variety of ingredients and must comply with the minimal daily requirement of the pets for proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Bearing this in mind Agromarket International Ltd. has developed its range of products designed for varied, natural and balanced nutrition of pet birds and small animals.

The raw materials used in our products are sourced only from time-proved suppliers from the rich agricultural lands of Bulgaria and from around the world. A considerable part of the grains and seeds are grown under contract with the local farmers which gives us the capability to inspect and control constantly their quality from planting of the fields to their harvesting.

Selecting only the best ingredients we clean and process them into exclusive products in our new facilities in Ezerovo near the city of Varna. The production is under the supervision of the HACCP system implemented by us so as we guarantee that the pet owners and their pets receive always the best.

In addition we outsource worldwide some products with selected renowned manufacturers. During the years we have added to our portfolio also some products for other pet animals as well as for farm animals while we still continue to supply different raw materials like grains and seeds.


Our products are produced under the brand names of OLA, D’ORO and STAK

which are registered trade marks in many countries. We export our products to more than 20 countries worldwide

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